Release Notes
19R1.4 Release
Date: June 19th, 2019

Improved Site Ordering Using Sitemap

The sitemap now provides a more accurate depiction of the order in which pages will appear in the generated PDF. Pages that are not ordered in the sitemap will appear at the end of the document and in order of hierarchy.

Fixed Issues

This release includes the following issue fixes:

Category Description Issue Number
Web2PDF Chrome Extension This fix contains small UI repairs. DEV-246354
Web2PDF Chrome Extension Hint cards retain incorrect values after a user changes the hint type. DEV-245346
Web2PDF Chrome Extension Hint cards arrange incorrectly when sequence is edited. DEV-245347
19R1.2 Release
Date: April 19th, 2019

UI/UX updates to the Chrome extension's Hintify mode

The process of adding hints to a website is now cleaner and easier. Both the popup to add a hint as well as the hint tab have a new look, and the hint parameters are now easier to understand and edit. The Wait Time hint parameter has been renamed to Delay to convey that it adds a specified delay between the hint being executed and the snapshot being taken. Creating a site entry hint or adding an ISI snapshot can now be done with the flip of a switch.

Fixed Issues

This release includes the following issue fixes:

Category Description Issue Number
Web2PDF When crawling in tablet or mobile view, one of the ISI snapshots appears in the wrong viewport. DEV-239400
Web2PDF Web2PDF fails on certain sites without a body. DEV-241973
Web2PDF Chrome Extension Clicking anywhere in the Hintify panel activates the Learn More link, causing users to navigate to the help page when they mean to activate Hintify mode. DEV-241833
Web2PDF Chrome Extension The Web2PDF Chrome Extension returns an error telling the user they provided incorrect credentials for a password protected website when the website is protected using NTML authentication. DEV-238507
19R1.1 Release
Date: March 22nd, 2019

Ability to Crawl Longer Webpages

Web2PDF can now crawl pages up to 144,000px. Long webpages will be split into multiple pages of up to 14,400px in the generated PDF, and the number of pages will be indicated in the bookmark.

Improved Site Entry Hint Functionality

Users now have more control when it comes to using Site Entry hints to access their website. Web2PDF will show you your website's true landing page first, after Site Entry hints are executed, and users now have the option to not see access-blocking modals in their generated PDF. Users can also now use Remove hints as a Site Entry feature.

New Timeout Error

Users will now be notified if Web2PDF is unable to access their website within 90 seconds.

Web2PDF Chrome Extension Redesign

The Web2PDF Chrome extension now offers users a more intuitive experience with buttons, on/off status for Hintify mode, and settings that are easier to find and understand.

Chrome Extension Error Messages

When a PDF request that was submitted using the Web2PDF Chrome extension results in an error, users will now be able to see the specific type of error on the loading page instead of seeing only a generic error message.

Fixed Issues

This release includes the following issue fixes:

Category Description Issue Number
Web2PDF Fixes an issue causing the Opt into Web2PDF Communications button to incorrectly assign users. Now when users select Yes, they are opted in and when users select No, they are opted out. DEV-232719
Web2PDF Fixes an issue where adding a page wait time causes unexpected changes in the generated PDF. DEV-239025
Web2PDF Web2PDF will now correctly count the number of pages it's crawling and count them towards the 1000 page limit. Users who exceed this limit will now be more clearly notified of this in their download email. DEV-233071
Web2PDF Chrome Extension Users are not shown an error message when Web2PDF times out while trying to access their website's landing page. DEV-205712
Web2PDF Chrome Extension Fixes an issue where hints added using the Web2PDF Chrome extension are not correctly applied on mobile and tablet. DEV-236258